• Will banks continue to be profitable businesses?
  • Impact of increased regulation, Dodd-Frank, Volker rules, Basel, etc
  • Areas of growth in the banking system
  • Banks in Canada vs. banks in the US
  • Are pensions the new Fed?
  • The consequences of gigantic asset pools looking for yield
  • Impact of pensions offshore offices
  • Will US pensions live to compare with Canadian pensions?
  • The search for skill and human capital in Canadian Pension Plans
  • Basel III, IV, ... where will it end?
  • Is risk management a cost centre or a revenue generator?
  • Profile of a modern risk manager
  • Interest rates: will they ever go up?
  • The future of commodities
  • Emerging markets: when will they emerge?
  • China, Russia and Brazil: economics, politics and jobs


Audrey Gaspar
Vice President, Investment Planning, Asset Mix & Risk
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
Dr. Lars Meuller
Senior Portfolio Manager, Public Market Investments
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board
Omar Becerril
Scotia Capital
Jie Chen
Managing Director
TD Securities
Dr. Alejandro de los Santos
Director, Information Technology
Bank of Mexico
Dr. Dmitri Rubisov
Managing Director, Financial Products
BMO Capital Markets
Dianna Zhang
Vice President, Economic Capital and Capital Efficiency
Asset Management
Kamyar Hazaveh
Vice President, Fixed Income
CI Investments
Neil Simons
Managing Director
North Water Capital
Ashvin Viswanathan
Principal, Portfolio Manager
O'Shaughnessy Asset Management
Algorithmic Trading
Dr. Robert Almgren
President & Cofounder
Quantitative Brokers
Dr. Ranjan Bhaduri
Chief Research Officer
Sigma Analysis & Management Ltd.
Gloria Tam
Executive Director, Program and Quant Trading